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Reach Out does STEM with Science 2018

We had 37 gifted and talented girls attend our Science event where they got to spend the day with our fantastic science department. Looking at adaptions in biology, making lava lamps in chemistry and designing, building and testing bridges in physics.  The day was designed to inspired and challenge the girls in a fun science environment.


The immediate beneficiaries include all who attended made up of girls, staff and parents with wider community being each school's community. The girls and staff who attended were encouraged and excited to take the session back to their school’s as subject experts. This is made possible through emailing the resources out to the attending schools.


We have run many successful events such as this in the past and we always get such fantastic feedback. Partner schools have asked for sessions such as this as they find that their girls are often not inspired by Science, or that boys tend to take over in the classroom. We hope provide an environment for science learning which the girls could excel in.


Science Day is planned and delivered by NGHS Science Department. The project was led by the Reach Out team, however, Physics, Biology and Chemistry compiled suitable sessions for girls in Year 5 and 6. The sessions were also assisted by our sixth form students, studying sciences at A level.


“I really enjoyed making a lava lamp, it was so cool to see all the colour changes.”

“I was so proud of our bridge, we made the strongest bridge, even though I didn’t think it would hold so much weight”