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Reach Out does STEAM 2017

Inspired by Big Draw’s theme ‘Living Lines’, we challenged children to a day of STEM with Art.

The morning was a mix of biology and maths, with Miss Taylor testing schools on their knowledge of bones and scale factors. Before moving on to animations, children made and decorated individual pivot skeletons. We saw scary gladiators, graceful ice skaters and happy clowns – a real mix!

After lunch, we moved on to iPads and began creating our animations with the Stop Motion app.


Participation in a wider national initiative.

Practicing STEM with Art and Animation.

More concentration on STEM kinesthetic learning.

Children to use iPads in learning.


STEM events are very popular in Reach Out's history. 2017-18 focuses on STEM with additional subjects throughout the year.

Big Draw enables more children and schools to be involved in a wider school initiative.

Our STEM-based provision covers 8 separate events throughout the year.


All resources used in this event are available on Reach Out's website. All participating schools have been given a direct link to resources. All other participating schools have website details.

All resources are free of charge.


All events are followed-up with feedback to participating schools.

Partnerships are maintained with schools attending several events throughout the year.

Pupil Involvement

No NGHS students.

58 children from a total of 10 county and city primary schools.

6 pupils made up of boys and girls in Years 4 and 5 from participating schools.



10.00am - 3.00pm

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