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Reach Out does Maths Challenge 2017

Our second Maths Challenge of 2017 welcomed 60 pupils from 10 schools to participate in four rounds of maths. The morning kicked off with Alice in Wonderland logic puzzles and caterpillar number patterns; we then set children the difficult task of code-breaking in a ‘who-dunnit’ round, followed by a fun approach to Fibonacci featuring pineapples and pine cones.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day with schools taking their lunch outside to enjoy the fresh air before finishing off the afternoon with some spatial reasoning and a quiz.

There was a fantastic atmosphere all day – children worked incredibly well in their school teams, divided up each activity in smaller groups and encouraged each other in more difficult rounds.


Maths is a popular subject with Reach Out. Its aims is to inspire children into maths, introduce alternative learning and resources and raise attainment across all levels.


A repeat of our previous two years Maths Challenge Days in 2016.


Resources are available free of charge on our Reach Out website. 

We had Year 8 girls work closely with school teams throughout the day. Our girls are a credit to the school and communicate well with children of younger years. They are excellent mentors and encourage children to participate in difficult or more challenging activities.

Pupil Involvement

60 boys and girls from Year 4 and 5 across 10 schools.


Second of two Maths events. 

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