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Reach Out does STEM Challenge

Boys and girls in Years 4 and 5 were asked to design a new piece of apparatus that could assist in surgery for organ transplant procedures.

Children had a budget of 150 Faraday to purchase resources that included wood, nuts and bolts, various plastics, adhesives and craft decorations.

From behind a clothed-screen, children put their tools to the test. 


Research and feedback demonstrates a lack of STEM enrichment and/or resources for Primary children.


This challenge aims to inspire children with bright potential into STEM subjects, as well as think critically about engineering in medicine.


Alongside Maths Challenge, STEM Challenge is a popular provision. We continue to respond to feedback and requests from our partner schools.


We hope to provide a STEM-dedicated service in 2017.


We adapt resources available through IET Faraday.

We were supported by two teaching specialists from Maths and Chemistry, as well as a DT technician and support staff. A total of five staff worked on STEM Challenge 2016.

Financial contribution was supported by HSBC.


Feedback has been received from pupils and staff during and following the event. A thorough collect of feedback is carried out at the end of the year.

Pupil Involvement

We engaged with 84 girls and boys in Years 4 and 5 from 13 local state schools and one independent school.


STEM Pop-Ups workshops will be arranged for nine schools that were unable to attend due to us reaching our maximum capacity.

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