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Reach Out does Maths Challenge with Business and Enterprise 2019

Our first event of 2019-20 was Maths Challenge Day – the first in a two-part event that aimed to introduce girls to sophisticated mathematics embedded in table top board games.

Teams of gifted and talented girls from 12 local schools played their way through a selection of games observing and comparing mathematical components including logic, probability, risk and strategy.

Each game on offer was paired with an NGHS helper, who were on hand to explain the rules and provide help or advice when required.

Inspired by their finding, girls were then asked to come up with new game ideas and designs at our follow-on event, Business and Enterprise. We were joined by table top games designers, game enthusiasts, retired teacher of Maths, and a Young Enterprise mentor.

In a series of rounds, teams had to take on Financial, Marketing, Design and Production roles to complete their Business Proposals and prototype games. Girls then presented to the panel of judges, demonstrating how they made informed decisions about the mechanics of the game, branding, and play-ability.

Congratulations to NGHS Junior School for their inspired Harry Potter Trick or Treat game which scored highly by the judges, and Milford Academy for Judges Choice. We look forward to working with both teams to bring their designs to table top fruition.


This was a two-part event designed to:

Present a fun and enrichment based approach to table top games.

Creative thinking with design of branding.

Develop communication and formal presentation through pitching ideas.

Put finances to practice through purchasing and monitoring costs.

Encourage girls to be more confident in mathematical and communication abilities.

Pupil Involvement

11 primary schools made up of city and county.

64% of attending children are from inner city primaries. 100% of schools receive Pupil Premium funding with the highest grant being 34%.

49 partner school children participated. 

13 x Year 7 and 8 NGHS pupils supported. Girls are part of the board games enrichment club and talented mathematicians.

7 x girls from the NGHS Young enterprise team

1 x Outreach Prefect.


This event is part of an ongoing Reach Out programme.