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Reach Out does Computing with Robotics 2018

A day of applying scientific and engineering methods to computing with robotics through the use of Lego Mindstorm EV3 resources.


The event was aimed at stretching gifted and talented children with an interest in STEM or computing, exposing them to specialist resources to achieve Greater Depth in Computing. Specifically: Introduce sophisticated coding and programming; Engineering inspired activities;  Inspire strategic thinking and problem solving; The use of multiple technologies; Team work.


All our our events are reviewed in consultation with attending staff, pupils and volunteers. Following on from a pilot Computing event in 2017, all attending schools were interested in a repeated event with some alterations. 

Part of the curriculum that features computer science, information technology and digital literacy, is to teach children how to code, how to create their own programs; not just how to use a computer but how to make it work for them. STEM with Computing introduced children to familiar Lego resources and tablet-computers to communicate instructions and adapt an engineer's eye to problem solving.


Resources critical to the success of the event include Lego Mindstorm EV3 kits, iPads with EV3 Programmer application and specifically designed resources by teachers of Computing and Maths.

The day was lead by teacher of Maths and Outreach coordinator Miss Taylor, supported by Teacher of Chemistry and Computing, Dr Critchley, as well as support staff.


The day was structured in 3 sections: following instructions to build sophisticated robot structures (engineering and fine motor skills); apply and explore simple code (logic, memory and abstract thinking); and finally, programme robots to follow series of codes to complete a route (scientific thinking, patience, resilience and digital literacy).

All schools ‘agreed’ that the event met the outlined aims and that children left with some better understanding of coding and programming.

Team work and learning to use new resources

Listening and following instructions

A sense of pride at completing a complex task

Building resilience through each task

Pupil Involvement

55 Year 4 and 5 made up of G&T boys and girls. 11 NGHS GCSE and A Level Computer Science students.


This event is part of our 2018-19 programme focusing on G&T and Key Skills events.