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Festive Business and Enterprise 2019

Our final event of 2019 was an exciting Festive Business and Enterprise day inspired by Advent.

Each visiting school team was asked to design and make prototype advent calendars for a diverse customer range. From baby girl to elderly male, children came up with impressive and innovative calendars. As well as budgeting and creating marketing campaigns, teams also had to record short videos for television advertisements.

Well done to all school teams for taking part and spreading festive cheer. We look forward to welcoming you back for another exciting year.


The event aimed to

Develop creative thinking

Develop communication with marketing exercises

Establish positive team working

Provide special enrichment opportunity


The event had 3 rounds: Design, Engineering and Marketing. 

Feedback from local partner schools includes:

“Team building skills as year 4 pupils were working alongside year 5 pupils. They enjoyed being business minded and making a product that was aimed at a specific target market.”

NGHS girl helper feedback includes:

This event helped me develop my ability to think quickly and practically. – Ella

The benefits of working with younger children, is sharing your own experiences and knowledge with them and being able to help, as well as give advice. - Marnie


Participating school staff have commented "Getting to know the children’s strengths and weaknesses. Ways in which you can encourage children to be more business minded.”

Reach Out worked with a core group of pupils from Nottingham Primary Academy that will attend 8 events across 2 academic years. The programme aims to measure impact across academic, behavioural and emotional development.

Provide NGHS girls with hands on tangible experience for future roles of leadership and responsibility, including working with others and young children. Take pride in their recognition as talented design and technology students, applying their skills to peer mentoring opportunities.

Pupil Involvement

12 primary schools made up of city and county. 78 pupils made up of boys and girls from Year 4 and 5.

70% of attending children are from inner city primaries. 100% of schools receive Pupil Premium funding with the highest grant being 51% and lowest 16%.

18 x Year 8 and 9 NGHS pupils. Girls are gifted and talented design and technology students.