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Reach Out does High 5 2020

Our annual for-fun High 5 Netball tournament has always been very popular. Following last year’s cancellation, we were thrilled to welcome schools back for the 2020 games.

A total of 16 schools joined us. Congratulations to the following teams for winning sections – Southwark Primary School, Carnarvon Primary School, Nottingham Girls’ High School, Juniors, St Ann’s Well Academy.

A special well done also to Milford Academy for winning Most Improved team and Beeston Fields Primary for Fairplay.


Develop knowledge and skills in netball

Provide opportunity to participate in interschool sports games

Enable NGHS Year 10 girls’ leadership

Celebrate skill and effort in participation


High 5 has a history spanning 25 years at NGHS.


Provide opportunities for children who do not have netball and other variety games provision at school.

Positive attitude to sports; peer mentoring; sportsmanship; light competition; promote health and wellbeing.

Pupil Involvement

126 pupils made up of boys and girls of mixed ability in Years 5 and 6.

36 x NGHS Sports Leaders from Year 10.


high 5 is part of Reach Out's ongoing programme for all Nottingham city and county primaries.