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Reach Out does Nurture Outdoor Learning

Our onsite woodland area, Upnah Wood, is a fantastic facility for our girls to develop their skills in problem-solving and resilience, as well as provide a safe area for imaginative play and exploring. We are always excited to share this incredible space with our partner schools and it has been particularly beneficial to nurture and SEN groups.

We welcomed six local schools to our third Nurture Outdoor Learning Day. Children thoroughly enjoyed a mix of activities including team games, ropes courses, mud kitchen and foraging.


Give children from nurture groups opportunity to engage in practical activities outside of the classroom that will encourage positive working attitudes to teamwork, communication, observation, perseverance and general wellbeing. 


Pupils attended as a school but were free to explore individually, forge new friendships and push themselves to try new things.

Feedback from staff at attending partner schools include:

“All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gained a lot through mixing with and supporting the two other schools that attended with us. Children that wouldn't normally lead/encourage other came out of their shell, which was fantastic to watch.”

“Confidence building, exploring, free learning, problem solving.”

Pupil Involvement

Six local primary schools.

24 children made up of boys and girls across Years 3 - 6.

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