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ORBYTS Physics Project

Students from our school and from LAE come together fortnightly to take part in the TWINKLE space mission run through University of London.  PHD students come and facilitate physics students taking part in real life space research using the best telescopes in the world.  


To enrich the physics and astronomy education of sixth formers.  


Head of Physics identified the possibility of the project and we fund all of the places but share numbers with LAE.  It is a great opportunity for our students to work together with them.  


The cost of the project is around £2000, it involves teacher and student time.  


Students who participated last year were very vocal in their appreciation of the experience during ORBYTS and it contributed positively to the information they needed for their UCAS forms.  (This came our during discussion with LAE pupils when I was on a governor/partnership visit.)

Pupil Involvement

Six year 12 pupils from Forest and six year 12 pupils from LAE.  


Fortnightly for a year during year 12.