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Forest Thrive Network

The event was set up to create a network of teachers with a range of backgrounds.


We aim to create a network of local teachers from a range of backgrounds with an interest in Wellbeing and Mental Health who want to share good practice. We hope to provide a forum to discuss issues as well as provide training to aid in the development of Wellbeing strategy.

This will include:

• Giving all schools access to high quality training and speakers

• Making connections with each other in the local community

• Reflecting on practice and beginning to develop a wellbeing strategy

• Sharing resources

• Improving staff wellbeing through training and increasing confidence

• Providing a support network for those developing Wellbeing/ mental health strategies

• Building long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships The critical factors for success are attendance from local schools and increasing 'buy in' from these schools to share resources and ideas.

The immediate beneficiaries are the local school communities, including pupils, staff and parents. 


As part of the Mental Health Award, making connections and sharing good practice with other schools is recommended. Staff from Forest School were keen to share ideas and resources with local schools to help develop their practice and also enhance our own.

It has been established since October 2019 and there have been two successful meetings so far.


The event is held at school and uses rooms and technology from the school, together with staff time.


Positive feedback has been received in the form of emails and verbally after the sessions. The outcomes are to continue to meet, share practice and develop ideas.

Pupil Involvement

No pupils