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Partnership with St Peter's Cof E Primary School Ardingly

We have a multistrand partnership with St Peter's Ardingly. We have already offered librarian support, delivered drama performances, and hosted St Peter's at our Prep School plays, Hockey stars training, Footy stars training, and local schools Choir and other events, such as remebrance day. Now we have started a collaboration on delivering Spanish and French lessons to their students via our students. We hope to build further partnership opportunities moving forward and we have set up a working party between both schools including governance attendence at meetings. Their Head has alos attended an SMT sharing best practice day at Ardingly College.


Develop a meanigful and long term partnership with our nearest state Primary school. St Peter's teachers, management and pupils stand to gain from this, and of coyurse we are also learning from them.


It has been building as an opposrtinity over the years, supported by the Chairs of Governors of both schools, and by respective Head Teachers.


Varies, often we are at St Peter's 


Improved results and recruitment for St Peter's not yet quantified.

Pupil Involvement

All year groups at different times , it varies from project to project.


On Going