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STEM Enrichment day for Year 6 pupils building a solar powered car

The Year 6 STEM day involves participation from eight Primary and Prep-schools including Ardingly College. Pupils work in mixed groups to design, build and race a mini solar-powered car. Activities involve Maths, DT and Science, working collaboratively under time pressure to produce the fastest solar powered car out of several heats. The day helps younger pupils to aspire to work in projects such as our Solar Car project in which senior students design, build and race a solar powered car across Australia.


To develop greater aspiration and understanding of STEM subjects.


We wanted to engage the wider community with our STEM education, especially with regards to the Solar Car project we are leading on. The STEM day has been running for three years.


We use school facilities, and some funding for the materials used is paid for by the school. Our teaching staff, and lab technicians are involved in delivering the day. 


Very favourable feedback from pupils and staff.

Pupil Involvement

Year 6 pupils, boys and girls.


Once day per year.