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Author Visit

Kent College's Librarian welcomed Year 6 students from Lamberhurst Primary for an author visit. 


The aim of the project was to give external primary school children the opportunity to use Kent College's facilites and enhance their curriculum using resources that would not be available in their own school. 


Mrs Susan Waller, Librarian, at Kent College organises visits regularly and wanted to open up the opportunity to local primary schools.

Kent College's Countess of Wessex Theatre seats 300. 


Kent College's Countess of Wessex Theatre was use on the day of the visit. 


Year 6 were invited to listen to the children’s author Andy Briggs, talk about his experience of writing. He was full of energy and wowed us all with his tales of story writing. He gave some top tips for budding writers and suggested that if you are ever disappointed in the ending of a book then to re-write it! He said to try and experience the story rather than focusing too much on the words. He also suggested that we should stop thinking of writing as something that you do on your own – instead think of writers as a ‘team’ as there are many other people involved. We discovered that writing stories is not a lonely job that you do sitting at a desk but a chance to experience an adventure. We heard how Andy got to trek through the jungle in search of gorillas  when researching his latest Tarzan series of books.


At the end of the talk the students had the opportunity to purchase one of his books and Andy spent time chatting to the students and signing copies of books.

It was a very inspiring talk and visiting children enjoyed the experience. 

Pupil Involvement

30 Year 6 boys and girls. 


Author visits regulary occur throughout the school year and our Librarian hopes to welcome visiting schools to future events.