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Year 12 GeogTED Collaboration with Ricards Lodge High

Wimbledon High School have partnered with Ricards School to offer students a forum where they can develop their intellectual thinking through academic collaboration. This programme gives students from Wimbledon High and Ricards the opportunity to explore contemporary geographical issues, 'Wicked Problems' and discover their geographical heroes. Sessions will give students the freedom to explore their areas of geographical passion through stimulating discussions in a relaxed and friendly environment. 


The aims of GeogTED are to inspire academic curiosity and promote a lifelong love of learning. To help stretch and challenge students to go beyond the confines of the Geography subject A Level curriculum and develop a deeper understanding of contemporary local, national and global challenges. To develop students synoptic thinking and promote interdisciplinary thinking.


During lockdown, Ricards A Level Geography students joined our established Geography Sixth Form extension club 'Geog On' via Microsoft Teams. They engaged in lively discussion with our students and this partnership is established as a result of this collaboration. 


One member of Wimbledon High School teaching staff alongside 5 Wimbledon High students who are studying Geography. 


The project impact on the Partnership school is assessed by an internally devised questionnaire. The impact on Wimbledon High students and staff is to follow at the end of the Partnership programme. 

Pupil Involvement

5 students from Ricards Lodge work alongside KS5 Wimbledon High students aged 16-18. 


Initially, the programme is 6 sessions starting on the 30th September, running until the 18th November. It is then started again in the Spring term and this opportunity will be on offer every school year for the foreseeable future.