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Teach Together French at Tolworth School

Wimbledon High School have partnered with Tolworth Girls' School for the Teach TogetherĀ French programme. This language programme gives the Year 11 & 12 students from Wimbledon High the opportunity to help and support students in Year 9 at Tolworth, in French conversation. The sessions take place on a weekly basis and sees each of the students working on a 1:1 basis practising conversational French.


To build confidence in conversational French.


The Teach Together project as a whole commenced in September 2017 at Wimbledon High School whereby we reached out to a number of schools to invite them to collaborate with us. Our goal is to ensure our students here at Wimbledon High learn valuable new skills for their own personal development as well as the partnering schools benefiting from having our students teach them subjects in a fun and innovative way.


Transportation to Tolworth via the school minibus.

One teaching member of staff.

Every week from September through to April.


The pupils at Tolworth have practised present, perfect, imperfect, future and conditional tenses (regular and irregular verbs.) They have revised topic areas including education and holidays and have also translated sentences into French and practised speaking about their oral topics.

The Wimbledon High mentors have developed their patience and confidence through teaching their mentees. Mentors consolidated their own knowledge of the different grammatical tenses by teaching them to others which has strengthened their own understanding of the languages.

Pupil Involvement

Eight students from years 11-13 are involved from Wimbledon High School and there are up to 10Ā French pupils at Tolworth.


The Teach Together project runs for a total of 20 weeks from September through to Easter. This opportunity will be on offer every school year for the forseeable future.