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For the Love of Latin at Ricards Lodge

This is a staff secondee programme that sees two classics teachers form Wimbledon High School teach a Year 8 class and a Year 9 class at Ricrds Lodge school. This provides a weekly opportunity for our local partner school to have Latin on their key stage 3 curriculum that would otherwise not be there. There is no formal assessment, the students are experiencing the subject free from examination and just out of interest. 


The aims of this partnership are,

1. To deliver a subject to the high achieving students in Year 6 that they otherwise wouldn't have access to.

2. To expand their bank of vocabulary

3. To consolidate speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

4. To make links between English and Latin

5. To help break down social barriers


The need for Latin was identified by West Wimbledon to extend their most able. Critical factors for it's success are students who are studying Latin at WHS and a member of WHS staff planning and delivering these lessons at West Wimbledon.

The beneficiaries are both West Wimbledon students and WHS students. WHS build their confidence teaching others and start to understand children from different backgrounds to their own.


We had started to establish a partnership with West Wimbledon and included them in our Teach Together programme with a particular focus on Latin at their request.


6-8 WHS students

1 member of WHS staff

10-15 Students from West Wimbledon primary

20 week course at 90 minutes per week.

We use the classrooms at West Wimbledon

This has run annually for the last 5 years.


Assessment is carried out at the end of every year.

There is qualitative and quantitative data available from this project.