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Teach Together Science at St. Boniface Primary School

Wimbledon High School have partnered with St. Boniface Primary School for the Teach Together Science project. This programme gives Wimbledon High students the unique opportunity to initially, be taught how to teach by Wimbledon High staff, before heading out to Boniface Primary School. The Teach Together programme aims to inspire and raise the attainment for our partner school at the same time as facilitating a growth in confidence in personal delivery for the Wimbledon girls and a more thorough understanding of students from different backgrounds.


  • To build enthusiasm for Science amongst Y5 children by delivering sessions which are fun and exciting.
  • To encourage questioning and enquiry by allowing children an opportunity to ask questions and consider different ways of finding an answer, especially linked with using investigation skills.
  • To raise our students confidence and communication skills by planning sessions and delivering them.


The Teach Together project as a whole commenced in September 2017 at Wimbledon High School whereby we reached out to a number of schools to invite them to collaborate with us. Our goal is to ensure our students here at Wimbledon High learn valuable new skills for their own personal development as well as the partnering schools benefiting from having our students teach them subjects in a fun and innovative way.


Weekly sessions with Wimbledon High Science staff and Wimbledon students.

The lessons take place both on site at Wimbledon and also at St Boniface.

There are 16 sessions between September and April. 


  • Children have planned and carried out an investigation on size of shadows and distance from light source.
  • Children have made and explained how a periscope works.
  • Children have modelled the phases of the moon & distances between planets in the solar system.
  • Mentors are learning how to communicate and explain ideas clearly.
  • Mentors enjoy the challenge and doing something that they initilly feel apprehensive about.

Pupil Involvement

50 students from St. Boniface.


The Teach Together project runs for a total of 16 weeks from September through to Easter. This opportunity will be on offer every school year for the forseeable future.