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Teach Together - Year 8 Maths Extension with Ricards Lodge

Working collaboratively with students from Ricards Lodge High School, delivering an extension of Maths beyond the curriculum to high performing Year 8 students. 


By delivering Maths beyond the curriculum, we hope to inspire the Year 8 students and deepen their love of Maths. The Year 8 students will be working with Year 11 and Year 12 students from Wimbledon High focussing on developing their reasoning and problem solving skills. 


Wimbledon High School and Ricards Lodge High have been in Maths Partnerships for many years. In the past, Wimbledon High teachers and students have gone to deliver sessions at Ricards Lodge High, as well as Ricards Lodge students attending sessions at Wimbledon High. Last year, the project was run virtually using Flipgrid. 


Wimbledon High will be providing investigations on a weekly basis that dovetail into the Ricards SOW. 


The project impact on Year 8 students from Ricards Lodge is that it inspires and allows them to access techniques and material that is not in their specification on the curriculum, and expands their knowledge beyond the curriculum. 

The impact on Wimbledon High students and staff is the positive effects of planning and delivering KS3 extension Maths. Also, considering topics and techniques that would be applicable to Year 8 students means there is an entry level for them which is familiar, and allows them to stretch this knowledge further. 

Pupil Involvement

This project involves 11 students from Year 8 Ricards Lodge High working together with Year 11 and 12 students from Wimbledon High. 


Teach Together Year 8 Maths is a 15 week project running from September through to Easter.