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Teach Together Latin at West Wimbledon Primary School

Wimbledon High School have partnered with West Wimbledon Primary School for the Teach Together Latin project. This programme gives our students the unique opportunity to initially, be taught how to teach by Wimbledon High staff, before heading out to teach Latin at West Wimbledon Primary School. The Teach Together programme benefits not only our state partner schools, but also WHS students. We have seen a growth in confidence in personal delivery and a more thorough understanding of students from different backgrounds.


  • Working with the G&T children at WWPS to stretch and challenge them with a new subject, inspiring curiosity and interest in a subject to which they would not have access in their curriculum.
  • To help the pupils to gain a basic understanding of the Latin language, learning vocabulary and basic grammatical structures.
  • To increase their English vocabulary by learning new English words derived from Latin words.


The Teach Together project as a whole commenced in September 2017 at Wimbledon High School whereby we reached out to a number of schools to invite them to collaborate with us. Our goal is to ensure our students here at Wimbledon High learn valuable new skills for their own personal development as well as the partnering schools benefiting from having our students teach them subjects in a fun and innovative way.

In relation to this particular programme, West Wimbledon Primary G & T pupils are learning Latin and off the back of the success of this programme, WHS is now teaching maths at WWPS as well. Parents have given feedback that they are delighted that WHS is bringing Latin to the school and that the children are really enjoying it. This programme is also a great way to strengthen relationships with schools in our community.


One member of Wimbledon High teaching staff supports the Latin Teach Together project in partnership with West Wimbledon Primary School.


Impact on partnership school students:

  • The students are now capable of recognising, and correctly translating, c50 Latin words.
  • They can find English derivations from Latin words, thus increasing their English vocabulary.
  • They can translate basic sentences and understand the difference between a subject and an object, and why endings of nouns and verbs change.
  • They are demonstrating peer support and collaboration as they work and seem also to be enjoying the challenge and have even said that they are having fun!

Impact on WHS students & teachers:

  • The WHS students have grown more confident in their teaching of the WWPS students and enhanced their communication skills.
  • They have improved their ability to collaborate with their peers as they have been team teaching.
  • They have improved their knowledge of basic Latin grammar and vocabulary through teaching it.
  • Mentor teacher learned more about her own students watching them teach the WWPS students, watching how they chose to teach and where they chose to focus.

Pupil Involvement

10-15 G&T students from WWPS.

From Wimbledon High 5-7 students from years 11-13.


The Teach Together project runs for a total of 20 weeks from September through to Easter. This opportunity will be on offer every school year for the forseeable future.