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Out of this World Space Day

West Wimbledon Primary bring all of their Year 5 pupils to Wimbledon High for the day to join Wimbledon High pupils for a day of activities related to space. 

This off timetable day is scheduled to coincide with National Science Week to raise the profile of science. Space is a challenging topic to teach and this gives the pupils the opportunity to take part in exciting space sessions taught by enthusiasts. 


The aims of this project are to raise the profile of science in both schools and celebrate National Science Week, to give opportunities for both schools to work alongside pupils from other schools and to provide exciting science activities around the theme of space that challenge and extend thinking.  


This day was first introduced in March 2018 when Wimbledon High approached West Wimbledon to join us for a Science Week activity as part of their closer links. Since then, this day has happened on the Wednesday of Science Week in 2019, 2020 and 2021. In 2021 this happened virtually, but we plan to return to an in person day at Wimbledon High in 2022. 


There are 7 different groups who take part in 4 sessions and 2 assemblies run by various staff. There are very little equipment costs apart from a few consumables. Wimbledon High purchases a T-shirt for each pupil and adult to take home as a souvenir as well as a log book of the activities they complete.


The impact of the project for the partnership school is that teachers and staff enjoy the opportunity to use a range of equipment not available at their schools, the opportunity to practise working scientifically and using skills in a different context, the opportunity to develop team work skills and work in a science lab and to have fun, exploring science for a whole day. 

“Alex invited me to learn about the Space Day at WHS. From this experience I learned how to structure an outreach event, which led to me planning our own Space Day for our school and Coombe Hill Junior School. Alex then ran a workshop for pupils during this day, resulting in her outstanding teaching reaching another 120 pupils from two other schools.”

Matt Gates, Deputy Head St Andrew’s and St Mark’s Junior School.

Pupil Involvement

All of the Year 5 pupils from West Wimbledon and from Wimbledon High


This project takes place one day in March each year