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Marvellous Mandarin - Chinese Language and Culture

A great opportunity for Wimbledon High students to apply what they have learnt in class to help others. They help the Junior school students from our Partnership schools with Chinese language skills as well as forming an understanding of Chinese culture.


To stretch the student's ability with a new and unique language

To improve their Chinese language skills, cultural awareness and global understanding 

To be able to communicate when having basic daily conversations in Chinese 


Historically, we have taught Latin to West Wimbledon Primary over the last 7 years. However, due to staff changes, Mandarin was offered for students in replacement of this. 


One member of Wimbledon High staff and three Wimbledon High students


There will be an internally devised questionnaire to assess the project impact on the partnership school. The impact on the Wimbledon High students and staff will be to follow. 

Pupil Involvement

Three students from Wimbledon High will accompany one member of staff in helping 12 high achieving Year 6 pupils from West Wimbledon Primary School with Chinese language skills and understanding Chinese culture. 


This project runs once a week for 15 weeks