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Weekly collaboration with Woodlands School

Newlands continue to support Woodlands School in Edgware. Woodlands is a primary maintained special school for children which caters for 120 pupils aged 3-11 years with a wide range of complex and profound learning difficulties. These include severe autism, complex medical conditions, physical and mobility difficulties, as well as severe developmental delay. 

A Harrow Sixth Former writes:

“As part of the group that helped at Woodlands School through the Shaftesbury Enterprise programme, I can remember feeling slightly apprehensive about how the process would work, but this initial apprehension soon evaporated. Seeing the smiling faces of the children, and their joy as they learned numbers and worked at their studies, was something that softened everyone's heart, and soon all of us were eagerly joining in with the games and helping the children achieve their potential in the class-room. 

We took our example about the right attitude to take from the teachers and teaching assistants. I can hardly begin to describe the immense dedication of the staff there, their love for their work and earnest desire for the children to improve. Everyone who came to Woodlands was inspired by their efforts. Alongside them, we did what we could to make the days of the children more interesting and generally a better experience.

In class, we helped with all sorts of activities, singing songs to help our students learn and playing fun games such as painting – which help with interactive understanding. Furthermore, we spent a significant part of each session going to the park with the children to improve their motor and hand-eye co-ordination, as well as just to relax and breathe the fresh air. 

It has been a privilege to be able to interact with these wonderful children, even if it was sometimes just through the small actions of pushing a wheelchair, holding a hand, or playing a game, in the humbling process of building relationships that created sparks of joy in their lives."



This project came about through a Harrovian whose brother attends Woodlands School.


Transport is costly - the boys have to take taxis to the school. Otherwise there are no other costs involved. 


The visits take place every week during the "Winter Timetable" period.