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Mastermind at Harrow School

Harrow School again hosted the Mastermind competition in aid of Mind in Harrow. Mind in Harrow is a mental health organisation that supports local people who are experiencing emotional distress as a result of mental health issues. This general knowledge team event for Year 9 students takes place every two years and has raised in excess of £30,000 for a worthy cause. The opposing teams this time were Bentley Wood, Hatch End High, Park High, John Lyon and Whitmore High School. Harrow were able to donate £2000 to Mind in Harrow through fundraising collections at the School Carol Services and the Grove House Play. 


Raise money for Mind in Harrow, raise awareness of mental health issues and encourage school partnership work.


Hosting the day requires input from the site team, catering staff and IT department. Refreshements and "goody bags" mean that a budget needs to be set aside for this event. 

Pupil Involvement

60 Year 9 students from six local schools. 


An afternoon once every two years.