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Partnership with LAE Tottenham

Harrow School are one of LAE Tottenham's partner schools ( Strong links have been established between the English and History Departments and Harrow contribute staff to help with Open Days and Interviews. Year 12 students from LAE Tottenham have visited Harrow as part of the Induction Process and further, regular academic collaboration is planned. 


LAE Tottenham is offering a rigorous, academic education to Sixth Form students in Haringey. We are supporting them to do this and to create a link between staff and students to share good practice. 


This partnership was set up by the Head Master of Harrow. 


The Heads of English and History have have a strong working relationship with their counterparts at LAE Tottenham. Other staff give up time to help with Open Days and interviews on an ad hoc basis. Collaboration between pupils is organised by the Director of Shaftesbury Enterprise and the Director of Studies. 


The first recruiting process went well. It is hoped that this partnership will contribute towards excellent academic outcomes for LAE Tottenham students. 

Pupil Involvement

Year 12 pupils have worked together in induction processes and seminars. 


This project is ongoing.