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Harrow International Schools' Fifth Form Conference

Harrow International Schools' Fifth Form Conference, held each June, has developed its programme to include charity and project work. Last year’s conference saw the delegates plan an afternoon of outreach work, and take the lead in the running of the afternoon. Three groups ran events for around 110 local primary school children, with a carousel of sporting, artistic and dramatic activities over the course of three hours. One group invited residents from Certitude (a charity working with adults with learning difficulties or mental health problems) to the Hill, to help them learn about online apps and skills, before taking them for a tour of the School. The final group went down to Bradbury Court in Harrow (a residential home for the disabled) and spent time getting to know the residents before running a quiz and games for them. 


Year 11 students from the Harrow International School family joined their counterparts from Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, John Lyon and the Harrow School in Harrow for the annual Harrow International Schools' Fifth Form Conference. It was decided that an important element of the conference should be service to the local community.