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Reading Programme at St George's Primary School

A group of six Harrow boys visit St George's every week to read with the pupils. St George's choose the pupils that the boys work with and allocate them as required on a weekly basis. Some boys have also been used to help out in PE lessons.


The aims of the reading project are to improve the literacy levels of the children in the school and to develop the Harrovians' skills as teachers and leaders. It was important for both partners that the sessions are enjoyable for the pupils at St George's and for the boys taking part in the reading project. 


St George's is very near to Harrow School and the project was set up by the Director of Shaftesbury Enterprise and the Headteacher of St George's. 


Very few resources are required. The boys make their own way to the school.


The project has been very positive both for the Harrow boys and the primary school children. 

Pupil Involvement

6 Sixth Form pupils from Harrow, a variety of ages from St George's. 


The programme takes place weekly during the Christmas and Easter terms during Winter Timetable.