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Primary Shakespeare Company

The Drama Department is delighted to continue its relationship with the Primary Shakespeare Company, which aims to raise attainment and achievement by engaging children practically with Shakespeare in performance. In June, classes from Grange, Roxeth, St Anselm’s, Vaughan and Wellden Park Primary Schools visited the Ryan Theatre, to perform their collaborative version of a Shakespeare play hosted on their visit by sixth-form Harrovians. 


The aim of the project to is support the children in their learning and development. It also gives pupils the chance to fully immerse themselves in Drama and Shakespeare, it gives them access to a fully working theatre and allows them to perform in front of a packed auditorium.


The project was initiated by a combination of Harrow, PSC, local primary schools and John Lyon's Charity. 


The Ryan Theatre is given for the day and the pupils are supplied with snacks to keep them going. Harrow also provide staffing on the day and funding for the schools which is raised through Long Ducker.


The culmination of this was the festival day itself. Each school performed a truncated version of an act, creating together – very appropriately – a mosaic of the entire story. For many of the children, it was the first time that they had been in a professional theatre and teachers reported that it was a life-changing experience for their classes. Feedback from teachers included:


“Fantastic performance for children and lovely for families.” 

“Everything worked so well!”

“Truly captivating and rewarding for all.”


“For the children at Welldon Park Primary School our performance at the Ryan Theatre was out of this world!  I was so impressed by the professional level of the tech team.”


Pupil Involvement

Currrently, 150 local Year 6 primary school children take part.


This event happens annually with rehearsals taking place in the preceding months followed by the performance in the summer.