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Lecture Series

Local secondary schools including: Whitmore, Twyford, Bentley Wood, Harrow High, LAE Tottenham and St Dominic's are invited to attend all academic lectures (on a wide variety of subjects) held at Harrow School. 


To bring the array of impressive speakers to a wider audience and to increase collaboration and conversation between pupils and staff of Harrow and local schools. 


This is organised by the Director of Shaftesbury Enterprise.


Very few extra resources needed apart from the time required to organise the school visits. 


Almost impossible to measure the outcome on students but opening up speakers to partner schools should lead to a variety of benefits both in terms of academic progress and university applications. 

This collaboration has led to greater communication and further partnership work between schools (links have been established between academic departments). 

Pupil Involvement

All ages.


These are regular throughout the year with, on average, two lectures per week.