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Impact of partnership work done in 2018 (ISC annual Census 2019)

  • 100 state schools involved
  • 500+ state school pupils involved
  • 2000 staff hours given

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  • London Academy of Excellence

Impact Statement

2018 saw the fifth Lumina course and it is now a well-established feature of Harrow’s Shaftesbury Enterprise. Lumina is a summer course for pupils from maintained schools considering Oxbridge and top Russell Group universities. The 2018 cohort was the largest yet, with nearly 200 pupils from 38 local schools descending on Harrow for a week of academic enrichment and tailored admissions advice.
The five-day course included:
• talks by tutors and current undergraduates at Oxford and Cambridge;
• subject-specific tutorials and lectures from external tutors and Harrow Masters to give students a taste of what the undergraduate academic experience might be like;
• visits to Oxford and Cambridge University colleges; and
• interview practice, which is the part of the course attendees find most beneficial.
Many students have credited Lumina with helping them make a successful university application for the following year. Last year, around 150 students secured offers from Russell Group universities, with 32 receiving offers from Oxford and Cambridge. In 2017, we also shared the expertise that Harrow has in gaining places at top universities with a delegation of teachers. We are grateful for the support of John Lyon’s Charity in enabling Harrow to host the event and hope that Lumina continues to leave a lasting legacy in the years to come.
Primary School Partnerships
Harrow boys continue to help local primary schools with many different projects. Houses are partnered with different schools for reading. This year, Newlands partnered
Vaughan Primary School, Elmfield partnered St Anslem’s Roman Catholic Primary School, The Knoll St George’s, Lyon’s Roxeth Primary, and West Acre Welldon Park School. The Grove formed a new link, running a Maths masterclass at St Anselm’s.

Over 80 boys have helped in Primary Schools with the reading programme. Reading schemes usually involve one-to-one reading sessions or group work. Harrovians have worked with pupils who find reading challenging and need support, as well as with the highest achievers, to develop their skills. Partner schools have also been invited to visit the Vaughan Library for workshops. Teachers have noticed improvement in reading across all levels.
“The Reading Project has again been a resounding success with a record number of students from Harrow School giving of their time to support a range of pupils. From supporting pupils learning their initial sounds to helping development of comprehension skills with the older years.”
Karen Jones, Deputy Headteacher, Vaughan Primary School

Boys have developed leadership and teaching skills, and have formed positive working relationships with the primary school pupils, who rely on them and look forward to their visits. “At first the children were shy and reluctant to speak but, with time, they have warmed to us and their wild and imaginative ideas about the books are a sign of their growing creativity and progress. It’s great for us to see that our work is actually making a real impact on the children; every week they are able to spell words that they weren’t able to the week before and to read with less help.” Tom Foster - Newlands
“I joined Shaftesbury Enterprise to give back to the community, and I find the weekly reading sessions really rewarding.”

Mathematics masterclasses were extended to cater to the needs of schools in the borough. Gifted Year 5 students participated in six weeks of lessons and Harrow boys helped plan and deliver the sessions. Natalya Silcott, Mathematics Master, continues to run a Fabulous Fractals masterclass in local schools. Harrow’s mathematicians have also been visiting St Anselm’s to run masterclasses for some of their top mathematicians.12 of the most able Year 3 children took part in this programme, this was an opportunity for them to be stretched on problem solving and reasoning while having support. All the children who took part in the project are working at an accelerated level.
Richard Hull, Maths Lead at St. Anselm’s: “I have noticed real benefit to the students in several areas:
Confidence: These are children who are generally used to getting things right and the opportunity to work on challenging problems has really helped develop their resilience when faced with a problem without an immediate answer.
Group work: The opportunity to work in a group is something they don't associate with Maths as much as other subjects and this collaborative approach has really improved their ability to explain and justify their reasoning.
Enjoyment: The pupils involved have a much greater appreciation that Maths is more than "getting the answer right" and this puzzle solving element really engaged their interest.
Attention: As these students are some of the more confident sometimes they don't get the same level of attention in class as those who struggle. It was a really helpful experience for them to get some individual attention.”

Over 120 Year 6 pupils from Roxeth Primary School and Vaughan Primary School have had an introduction to experimental science techniques in Harrow School’s Chemistry laboratories, and to Eton fives at the fives courts.
Over 30 Harrow boys introduce Eton Fives to the Year 6 children - this is popular because children and staff are fascinated by a game they are not familiar with.
In addition to supporting Science Week at local schools, around 30 boys guide the Year 6 children through a series of Chemistry experiments. The Year 6 pupils investigate the varied properties of substances through their behaviour in response to heating, and work on a range of practical separation techniques.
“We are proud to be associated with the Shaftesbury Enterprise boys. Some of our children took part in an amazing production of Julius Caesar, learned to play Eton fives and had Chemistry lessons. These activities mean that children who have some disadvantage in their lives have benefited from creative and academic opportunities.”
Carole Tobin, former Head of Roxeth Primary School

Boys from the Upper Sixth have been helping at Roxeth’s weekly Home Learning Club. This involves all subjects and a variety of Roxeth pupils, and allows Harrovians both to teach and to share their enthusiasm for learning.

The Classics department at Harrow has been involved in an after-school Latin club at Roxeth Primary School. Basing lessons around life in Roman Britain near Hadrian’s Wall and with a focus on grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

Boys in Newlands support Woodlands School in Edgware, a primary maintained school that caters for pupils aged 3 to 11 years with a range of complex and profound learning difficulties. These include severe autism, complex medical conditions, physical and mobility difficulties, and severe developmental delay. In class, boys help with activities such as singing songs, painting and taking students to the park to help improve their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination, as well as just to relax and breathe some fresh air. This year, Shaftesbury Enterprise is supporting Woodlands to take part in the Primary Shakespeare Company production for the first time.
“It has been a privilege to be able to interact with these wonderful children, even if it was sometimes just through the small actions of pushing a wheelchair, holding a hand, or playing a game, in the humbling process of building relationships that created moments of joy in their lives.” Ostap Stefak, Newlands
On working with Primary Shakespeare Company: “It’s fair to say the pupils are thrilled to be part of the experience. The teachers who are leading the session have been outstanding. They are energetic and really creative in making what is a difficult topic, relevant, fun and accessible.” Sarah Beck, Woodlands School

Harrow’s relationship with the Primary Shakespeare Company, which aims to raise attainment and achievement by engaging children practically with Shakespeare in performance, continues to grow. In June 2017, the Ryan Theatre was filled with 150 children from five local schools as pupils from Grange, Roxeth, St Anselm’s, Vaughan and Welldon Park performed Julius Caesar. Harrow School raised a significant amount towards the cost of this project, which was supported by money raised through Long Ducker. We look forward to working on their forthcoming production of The Winter’s Tale.
A group of boys have also written and performed a play for local primary schools as part of the Drama Primary Project. Eight Harrovians toured three primary schools in Harrow performing to around 300 five to seven year olds. One of the key parts of devising the piece was to make the play interactive and educational, and there were many messages and themes that the children took away with them. The Harrovians also learned about writing, set design and performance.
“The performance was pitched perfectly, the children’s eyes were glued to the actors. It was well rehearsed and the children loved it – this was evident to see and also from listening to them afterwards.” – teacher St Jérôme Church of England Bilingual Primary School
Proceeds from charitable collections at the Drama department’s productions during the year have supported initiatives including access programmes at London’s Polka Theatre for Children and the Harrow Club’s Grenfell Tower appeal.

The Harrow Family Fifth Form Conference, held each June, has developed its programme to include charity and project work. The 2017 conference saw the delegates plan an afternoon of outreach work and take the lead in running the afternoon. The delegates were split into five groups for the community projects. Two ran events for local charities Livability and Certitude. The other three hosted around 110 primary school children with a carousel of sporting, artistic and dramatic activities.
“Shaftesbury Enterprise, out of the numerous activities and wonderful events on offer, has been the most worthwhile. It has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to give back to a community so influential in the development of Harrow School, be it through teaching in the classroom or helping draft job applications. It has provided me with an opportunity to experience life beyond the Hill and a chance to meet a real range of people from all ends of the globe.”
Qassi Gaba, Lyons

Secondary School Students and Young Adults
At secondary level, the School collaborates with the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham, Bentley Wood High School, Whitmore High School, Ruislip High School, Twyford Church of England High School, William Perkin School, Harrow High School, Hatch End High School, Rooks Heath College, Fulham Boys School, Dormers Wells High School and St Dominic’s Sixth Form College, as well as many others. Harrow School has hosted conferences including hosting Classics for All, a charity that provides funding and expertise to support the teaching of Classics in state primary and secondary schools. The School has also run a series of revision sessions for different age ranges in a variety of subjects. Students from partner schools attend timetabled lessons in Latin and STEP Mathematics. All partner schools are offered Oxbridge-style mock interviews and are invited to all Harrow’s lectures, plays and events throughout the year.
Other initiatives with local secondary schools include the teaching of Mathematics GCSE masterclasses at Harrow School as well as Latin and Chemistry classes. GCSE maths revision sessions were held for students from five secondary schools in Harrow and Wembley. Harrow boys were involved in helping these students work through some of the new and difficult problem-solving questions. In the summer term, A-level maths students from Harrow High School, Whitmore High School and Rooks Heath College enjoyed six weeks of maths revision. Pupils and staff from local partner schools are invited to attend all events in the Coutts Lecture Series. This is a series of masterclasses and lectures from top academics who visit the school throughout the year.

Harrow School has a formal partnership the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham (LAET). LAET is a new, academically selective 16 to 19 free school, opened in September 2017 as part of the redevelopment of White Hart Lane.
“Harrow School has given support to the London Academy of Excellence in its first year in three ways. First, teachers have been generous with their time and expertise in participating in the assessment interviews for potential students: LAET needed such support as the number of applicants far exceeded what their own staff could cope with on the interview days. Second, two Harrow departments, English and History, have specific links with the corresponding departments at LAET; the Harrow Heads of Department have given advice on syllabus issues and on assessment methods and materials, and the LAET Head of History, has especially benefited from the guidance from his opposite number. Both departments are ensuring that students from both schools meet and interact academically, and symposia have been arranged for the summer term 2018.Third, and perhaps most importantly, Harrow has responded particularly generously to LAET's request for support in giving its students a deeper cultural framework: LAET students have attended several lectures and seminars at Harrow and the Harrow Head of English has visited LAET to talk about the cultural importance of studying arts subjects which I know they have found invaluable.” David Fotheringham, Director of Academic Studies, LAE Tottenham.

Harrow School Rugby Club initiated a pilot model partnership with the School of Hard Knocks (SOHK) charity, well known from the Sky Sports TV series. SOHK is a long-term intervention programme helping the most at-risk students to complete mainstream education in schools in East London and Hertfordshire. Through weekly mentoring and rugby sessions, the SOHK coaches and staff seek to help students who are at risk of exclusion.
As a result of the programme students grow in confidence, begin to take responsibility for their lives and actions, and experience the value of teamwork, respect and honesty. The programme has helped significantly reduce the number of behavioural referrals for the SOHK students.

Harrow’s partnership with SOHK incorporates a number of areas. This year, SOHK U14 and U15 rugby teams came to Harrow in November for the first set of fixtures against Harrow’s Yearlings F and Junior Colts E sides. The Harrow 1st XV provided coaching support.
Moving forward, the partnership between Harrow and SOHK will grow to see members of the 1st XV visiting and coaching at SOHK partnership schools as well as sitting in on mentoring meetings to learn more about child psychology and behavioural management. The same boys will also be embarking on a fundraising campaign next season to help raise enough money to put one boy through the three-year programme. Harrow School will be welcoming SOHK for another set of fixtures and considering facility and equipment sharing opportunities.
Harrow School Rugby have also supported the Wooden Spoon Sock Campaign this year.

The Harrow Rifle Corps maintains a successful partnership with Harrow High School, and welcoming 25 male and female Army cadets for weekly training sessions at the School. Training is overseen by Captain Robson and Major Davies and delivered alongside Harrow boys, Harrow Masters and staff from Harrow High School.
The partnership cadets range in age from 15 to 17 and take part in a full range of CCF activities, which have included fieldcraft training, skill at arms instruction and shooting on the School’s range as well as adventurous training using the full scope of the School’s resources. Many cadets have been involved in field days at Bramley and Aldershot training camps, during which they successfully passed their Basic and Advanced Army Tests, and this year we saw two cadets advance to the rank of Cadet Corporal and take on leadership roles within the Harrow Rifle Corps.
Much of the training has been delivered by senior Harrow boys; one of them was awarded the Deputy Lieutenant’s Certificate to recognise his work.
“I have learnt many leadership skills during my time as the head of my platoon. I have picked up these skills from Harrow School cadets and I have learnt how to work in a team with them, applying my skills and their skills to the best of our abilities. It is a great bonding experience and I would recommend it to anyone, as these skills are also transferable to the classroom.”
Cadet Corporal Ali Fawzi, Harrow High School”

Primary School Partnerships
These include reading (R), homework help (H), facilities use (F), masterclasses (M), hosting (and funding in some schools) Primary Shakespeare Company (PSC), Chemistry and Fives Programme (C&F), Drama, Long Ducker funding (L) and Governance (G).
• Roxeth R H F M PSC C&F D L
• Vaughan R F PSC C&F L
• St Anselm’s R F M PSC D L
• St George’s R F PSC L
• Welldon Park R PSC G L
• Woodlands Special School PSC L
• Grange M PSC L
• St Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School F D G
• St John's Church of England School G
• Brentside G
• Warrender G
• Elmgrove G
• Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School F G
• Marlborough Primary School F
In the last year, over 200 children from local Primary schools have come to Harrow for Chemistry, Music master classes/concerts, historical tours, sport and other activities.

Secondary School Partnerships
These include academic collaboration between departments (A), Lumina or Oxbridge collaboration (LO), revision sessions (R), masterclasses (M), lectures (L), extra-curricular activities (E), facilities use (F) and governance (G).
• LAE Tottenham A LO M L E
• Twyford CofE Academies Trust LO M L E G
• Whitmore High School LO R M L F
• St Dominic’s Sixth Form College A L LO
• Bentley Wood High School for Girls A LO L
• Hatch End High School LO L G
• Harrow High School LO R L
• Rooks Heath College LO R L
• Nower Hill M LO L
• Alperton Community School M LO
• Claremont High School M LO
• The Bushey Academy M
• The Fulham Boys School A L
• Ruislip High A LO L
• Bishopshalt School E
• Queensmead G
• Chelsea Academy LO G
• Cardinal Vaughan School LO G
• Salvatorian College G
• Shaftesbury High F
• Kingsley High School F
• Red Balloon Learner Centre F

A scholarship is an award for excellence in academic study, the arts or sport. For many of our 150 scholars, this award serves primarily as an acknowledgement of their achievements; they have a modest financial award, usually to a value of 5% of the School fees. For others, a scholarship can also be a route to securing more significant financial support via a means-tested bursary.

A boy may apply for more than one scholarship (e.g. Academic and Music and Art).

At a certain point in the process, we ask the parents of bursary applicants to complete a confidential statement of financial circumstances, in order for us to establish the level of assistance that may be necessary. Some of our bursaries do not require an applicant to win a scholarship, but most have specific criteria that candidates must meet in order to be considered.

Visit the Harrow School website for detailed information on our scholarships and bursaries here.

  • Academic scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Design scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils

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