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After-School Latin Club

Year 12 Harrow School boys provide an after-school Latin club for gifted and talented Year 6 pupils at Roxeth Hill Primary School. In four or five hour-long sessions in the spring term, three Harrovian classics specialist use the Minimus Latin Course to teach Latin to around 11 primary school pupils.


The aim of the project is to provide academic extension opportunities to gifted and talented Year 6 pupils at Roxeth. Critical to the schemes success are the enthusiasm, perseverance and dedication of the Harrow boys and the enthusiasm of the primary school pupils, along with the willingness of the Harrow teachers and the head teacher at Roxeth to make possible and support the project.


The project, which has now been taking place for three years, was initiated by the Head of Classics at Harrow. Although another school was approached initially and established governor contact with Roxeth, the enthusiasm of the head teacher for the scheme, and its proximity to Harrow, made liaison between the schools easier. Three Year 12 Harrow classics specialists were offered a suitable time and teaching space and prepared lessons using the Minimus Latin Course. 


Four or five hour-long sessions take place at Roxeth Primary School in the afternoon during the Spring term. Three Harrow teachers support the scheme at various times. At the start of the scheme, Harrow provided 15 pupil textbooks, along with a teacher's reference book and CDs.


Both the Harrow boys and the Roxeth pupils really enjoyed these sessions. The Harrow boys were working outside their comfort zone and learned a huge amount about how teaching and learning actually works, as opposed to the in the theory of lesson preparation. Much ground was covered by relaxed and flexibly administered sessions. Significant advances in understanding were achieved and tested, and the pupils at Roxeth were given certificates recognising the progress they had made. Both schools are keen for the arrangement to continue.

Pupil Involvement

Three Year 12 Harrow boys give lessons to about 11 Year 6 Roxeth pupils.


The scheme has been established for three years. Both schools hope that it will continue in the future.