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Sport project with Shaftesbury High

Shaftesbury High is a special needs school located in the London borough of Harrow with capacity for approximately 160 students, aged between 11 and 19, with learning, emotional, behavioural, autistic, communication, medical, physical, sensory and social needs.

Once a week a group of around 10 Year 8/9 students come to Harrow to take part in a range of sporting activities/group work with a group of Harrow boys.


For our volunteers to develop skills in leadership, planning and teamwork whilst supporting Shaftesbury High students to develop in line with their school values of resilience, kindness and aspiration. 


We contacted Shaftesbury High.


An available Sports Hall for one afternoon a week.


Increased leadership skills and ability to work in a team from both groups. 

Pupil Involvement

All year groups can take part in this project - Shaftesbury High pupils are Yrs 8 and 9.


Weekly for half the year.