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Use of School Facilities

We make available our facilities to local schools and the wider community, free of charge. We proactively offer our halls, quiet rooms and multi-purpose spaces to encourage engagement with our partners. We also make available our equipment for use by local schools where requested. 

The uses are varied but include:

- Use of our halls and drama spaces for school productions, visiting performers and talks from guest speakers (for example two days free use of a theatre for a primary school production);

- Smaller rooms for SLT / management / departmental development days with local state secondary schools (English department moderation sessions, SLT planning days);

- Larger spaces for training days / INSET / inter-school training / charity use;

- Venue hire (at no cost) for music performances, for local societies and classes (eg History talks, yoga, Canterbury Commemorative Society);

- Sports hall hire (at no cost) for local schools;

- Use of kilns, art rooms, dark rooms by local schools; and

- Use of our facilities to support undergraduate projects (UCA Architecture students reviewed three of our properties over several days).


The aims are to increase the access to facilities in the area so that pupils and residents are able to participate in their chosen activities. We enable schools to offer sports provision and drama provision that might not otherwise be possible, through making available our larger or more specialised venues 


This is an ongoing programme which will develop in line with our partnerships links.


School facilities used as described above.


Feedback is positive and interest in facilities use is increasing, with repeated visits by partner schools / providers. 

From a local state school Headteacher:

"As always we are forever grateful to you and the team for allowing us to access your facilities."


Varies according to the activity - sometimes one-off or annual, other activities run for a term.