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Art Partnerships

A series of collaborative projects carried out with our partner schools in the local area, both secondary and primary:

- Ceramics project using a kiln for GCSE pupils.

- Photography project using dark room for GCSE pupils.

The programme is under review for with plans to include artist talks for local pupils and staff, primary school access to painting masterclasses and more collaborative projects involving local venues such as the Beaney  


To provide opportunities to local pupils to access facilities and skills not available within their own curriculum offer.


Opportunities are developing though our growing links with local schools, as we seek to re-establish partnerships following the pandemic.


Access to kiln, dark room, art rooms.

School facilities are integral, and teaching and non-teaching staff assist. 

Financial aspects are through time and running costs.

Pupil Involvement

GCSE pupils, Year 10 and above. Mostly small groups up to 15. 


A combination of one-off events and weekly projects of less than a term's duration.