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Canterbury Primary Science Partnership

The Canterbury Primary Science Partnership supports science for teachers and pupils in 21 primary schools in and around Canterbury.  

Schools are asked to commit to the partnership for a year by attending the three annual meetings of science leads. 

As part of the CPSP they will be able to access free science support for staff, free termly CPD sessions, an annual science event for pupils, access to Saturday Smarties science masterclasses, loan of kit, access to The King's School labs and our science teachers who can come and deliver a whole school assembly or provide tailored workshops for pupils, discounted resources, a free subscription to a science magazine for their school, access to shared resources on a dedicated webpage.

The CPSP provides a supportive forum for science leads and allows all staff in the partner schools to deliver science teaching in a confident and inspiring way. 


The aims of the partnership are threefold:

  • To raise pupil attainment in science in partner primary schools, especially KS2.
  • To increase confidence and science subject knowledge among teachers in partner schools.
  • To make contacts and enhance the knowledge of primary school science amongst staff at senior and junior King's School.


The Canterbury Primary Science Partnership was awarded ISSP funding from the DfE in November 2014 for an initial 18 months of activities including science subject enhancement for primary school teachers, pupil workshops in science, bespoke training for science subject leaders and termly teacher meetings to share good practice.

In 2016 we joined with the science section of Canterbury Teaching Alliance, expanding to 18 schools. Now that CTA is no longer active we re-launched CPSP in 2017 with a renewed programme.


The CPD sessions are held either at The King's School or a CPSP member school.

Meetings are hosted by CPSP schools.

The King's labs are used for masterclasses and workshops.


Science leads report an increase in confidence in their subject.

Pupil Involvement

All the pupils in the partner primary schools from R to Y6 benefit directly or indirectly from the partnership.


Termly CPD sessions and science lead meetings.

Annual science event for schools to attend.

Ad hoc requests for kit loan, science assemblies delivered by a member of the King's School science department, lab loans, tailored workshops for pupils.