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King's Literacy: Creative Writing and Library Visits

A series of workshops and experiences for KS2 and KS3 pupils from local schools focused around literacy, reading and creative writing. Small groups attend King's for library inductions, DEAR sessions / quiet reading and creative writing masterclasses by our Head of CW.

The activity runs on Wednesdays throughout the Autumn and Lent Terms.

We are hoping to broaden the provision to include links with the local public library in Canterbury, the Beaney, to encourage community access. 


To improve literacy, engage reluctant readers with literature, improve confidence in a library setting and build creative writing talent


Through our links with local schools. Established in 2022.


King's library and library team; refectory for lunches; teaching time (Head of CW); partnerships team.

Each session lasts from 11AM to 3PM, approx. 


Feedback is very positive to date with demand high for access to the library in particular. 

Pupils have attended from Year 1 to Year 9, with our King's pupils (Sixth form Drama / English) assisting alongside library and CW staff. 

From local state school teacher:

"This was an invaluable experience for my class, they were highly engaged and made to feel extremely welcome. The opportunity gave them the chance to build on their excitement toward reading, as well as enjoy lunch in a new setting. They were fascinated with the history of the buildings and grounds. Giraffe class have asked several times when they can go back, as have I!"  

From the pupils:

"My favourite part was the library and being told how old the church was."  
"I liked getting to meet new people." 
" I liked it when the girls read to us, and we had some time on our own to look at the books."

Pupil Involvement

Y7 and Y8 from Secondary partners. 


Two workshops per term per school. Likely to continue as an ongoing event.