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Saturday Smarties Science Masterclasses

Science masterclasses for Year 5 and 6 pupils from Canterbury Primary Science Partnership schools.

These “Saturday Smarties” pupils, selected by their schools on the basis of interest and ability, attend three sessions each year on a Saturday, each of which focuses on a different scientific theme.

Now in its ninth year, nearly 300 pupils have been part of the Saturday Smarties programme and our feedback has shown that many have been inspired to consider studying science later on at university. 


Science Smarties is aimed at encouraging engagement in and a passion for science in primary-age pupils. The masterclasses cover topics not generally covered within the primary curriculum and introduce children to real stretch and challenge in laboratory environments. 


Established and running for nine years. 


Saturday Smarties takes place at the King's School site in Canterbury in our laboratories. It is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable Science teachers, each a specialist in their area, and assisted by our King's School Pupil Volunteers. 

The groups vary in size and run concurrently depending on uptake. We anticipate greater numbers still when we open our new, state of the art, Science area. 

There is a minimal financial contribution to Science Smarties by parents / carers.  


Outcomes are monitored at the end of each session through feedback forms. Pupils enjoy the sessions enormously and leave full of enthusiasm and with greater confidence than before. 

Pupil Involvement

Primary pupils from Year 5 and 6. 


Twice per term, over three terms. 

We anticipate the masterclasses growing in popularity and provision.