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King's Conference : EAL / Multilingual Learners

Part of our ongoing free-of-charge King's Conference series (SEND, EAL, DEI), this conference took place in November with a focus on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and EAL approaches in the classroom. Guest speakers included Peter Mehisto and the Bell Foundation.


Aim was to provide high quality, free of charge CPD / INSET for local and national school staff, focused on EAL approaches in the classroom. 

The conference programme included material relevant to both primary, secondary, independent and state school settings.


Organised by the King's School Partnerships / International College team.


Takes place on King's School site, at Birley's Pavilion. A full conference programme, whole day, fully catered. 

All costs are met by the King's School (speaker fees and expenses, catering, venue use etc). No charges are made to attendees. 

Resources are shared following the conference. 


Feedback is taken at the conference and was very positive.

A sample of comments:

Thank you for sending these links and for organising the day itself. It was very relevant to my own teacher training here at (provider) and I found it very practical and useful.

Thank you so much for the resources! These will be really helpful .

Thank you very much for the superb conference. 

Yesterday’s conference was superbly well organised and my colleague and I found the morning, in particular, exceptionally valuable as a basis for discussion and reflection. The catering too, was exceptional and the venue worked well. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for organising this. If possible, I would love to be on the list for future events related to EAL and SEND. 

Pupil Involvement

Thirty eight educational providers were represented, with sixty two delegates attending on the day (eighty three signed up).  

State primary schools: 11

State secondary: 10

Prep: 3

Independent secondary: 13

Other: (Uni) 1

Range of delegate roles was as follows:EAL teachers / Heads of EAL, SEND teachers / SENDCO, Headteachers (primary), Heads of English, HLTAs / TAs, Teachers (other), Trust Director / Exec Principal, Lecturer.


Single event but part of the King's Conference programme. It will run again either in 2024 or 2025, depending on other conferences that take place.