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Student View

The Student View project enables sixth formers from King's and Coombe Boys' School to lead sessions in journalism for year 8 pupils at Coombe Boys' who have weak literacy skills. The pupils learn about different styles of writing and their finished articles are published on the Student View website.  


To improve the leadership and communication skills of the sixth form pupils

To engage the younger pupils with literacy in order to improve their writing skills


The project is supported by the Friends of King's and is run in conjunction with the Student View which was established by a former pupil of King's. 


All King's pupils indicated that their communication and leadership skills had imporved as a result of taking part in the project. 

Pupil Involvement

Sixth form students from King's, sixth formers from Coombe Boys' and Year 8 pupils from Coombe Boys'.


Weekly for one hour. This will be repeated annually.