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Learning Support at St Mark's Primary School

King's pupils help out during 'Fabulous Friday' at one of our most longstanding partner schools. They supervise gifted and talented pupils in a variety of activities and games, working in lessons to support classroom teachers.  


To assist the St Mark's pupils to develop their skills in Maths and English.

To develop skills of responsibility and leadership.


The project is a very longstanding one which began over 14 years ago. 


The project requires one member of teaching staff from each school to oversee it. Transport to St Mark's is provided by King's. 


Reflection sessions take place throughout the academic year. 

The key skill areas in which King's pupils demonstrated positive impact were compassion, committment and creativity.

St Mark's pupils have shown an increased level of ability in their academic work. 

Pupil Involvement

Year 10-13 pupils from King's work with Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils from St Mark's. 


This takes place weekly on Friday afternoons throughout the year.