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Primary Schools Sports Days run by Year 9s

Every summer term, King's hosts Bond, along with Albemarle, Southmead and Ronald Ross primary schools, for a series of four sports days, awarding one day of the week to each year group from Year 3 to 6. King's playing fields are used, and a variety of different sporting challenges presented to the primary school children, in such a way that each group can experience a full-scale competitive sports day. A different group each day of about 20 King's pupils in Year 9 runs the activities, overseen by King's staff.


The aims are to allow King's pupils to experiencing running a sporting event, and supporting the primary school children, and to allow the younger children to use more expansive facilities and compete with neighbouring schools in a way they are not often able given space limitations in central London.


This annual event first took place in 2007, when the member of staff in charge of the school's Year 9 activities week approached the co-ordinator of community projects to identify suitable primary schools. The schools were chosen because they were known to the school from other volunteering projects and because they have few sporting facilities. The event has taken place every year since 2007.   


King's uses its own grounds, and simple sporting equipment, including balls, relay batons, high jump, running track and paraphernalia for obstacle course amongst other items.

Teaching staff from all schools are present, and TAs from Bond and the other five schools are usually in attendance.


Anticipated outcomes are heightened enjoyment in sport and competitive athletics and the benefit of working with good older role models. King's pupils also benefit from the opportunity to coach and work with younger pupils.  

Pupil Involvement

The pupils involved range from years 2-6 from Bond and the other 5 schools, and Year 9 boys from King's.


The activity takes place annually, and has an indefinite life-span.