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Newspaper editors at St Mark’s Academy

A team of sixth formers from King’s and St Mark’s Academy lead a group of Year 7-9 students in the creation of a termly school newspaper, which is distributed to the pupils of St Mark’s Academy. It is the older pupils' responsibility to inspire the pupils to write the stories and help them to proofread the finished product.


To improve literacy skills of the Key Stage 3 pupils

To develop leadership, empathy and teamwork skills in the sixth form students from both schools


A computer lab is used at St Mark's Academy each week and the project is overseen by a member of the teaching staff from each school. 


A baseline assessment is carried out at teh beginning of the year followed by a second questionnaire to help to determine the impact of the project. 

It is anticipated that the project will have an impact in raising the reading ages of the Ket Stage 3 pupils involved and will also allow the sixth formers to develop their leadership skills.  

Pupil Involvement

8 sixth form students from King's and St Mark's Academy

15 Key Stage 3 pupils from St Mark's Academy


This project takes place weekly on Friday afternoons and it is intended that it will take place each academic year.