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Learning Support at Perseid & Cricket Green Schools

A group of 24 King's College School sixth-formers visit Perseid upper and lower schools and Cricket Green School once a week throughout the year to support a range of activities, including swimming, classroom assistance, playground games, drama and art.

The drama activities lead to the participation of pupils from both schools in our annual community production. About 10 other King's pupils involved in a design technology project also visit Perseid at the beginning of each year to meet pupils and staff to find out what extra equipment might be helpful at the school. They devote their Friday afternoons to providing such equipment, such as a 'hug-machine' and games for the playground. These items are delivered at the end of every spring term. Perseid provides an outstanding education for pupils, aged 3 – 19 who have severe and complex learning difficulties, including learners with an additional diagnosis of autism and/or additional physical and/or sensory disabilities. Cricket Green caters for pupils with a diverse range of needs, including those with moderate and severe learning difficulties, pupils with autistic spectrum disorders and those with difficulties in speech and language development.


Aims are to enhance the experiences of the Perseid & Cricket Green pupils by allowing them to make meaningful relationships with other young people from outside of their immediate community.

The factors for success are good access to resources and support from trained staff.

The immediate beneficiaries are the Perseid & Cricket Green pupils, the King's pupils, and the families and friends of both. The activities are especially popular with King's pupils who are intending to study Medicine, for whom they provide regular work experience.


Both partnerships have existed for over 15 years.


The resources at Perseid and Cricket Green include sports, arts, and drama facilities, and also basic textiles and stimuli. Two members of staff accompany our pupils to Perseid and one to Cricket Green every Friday. King's funds the production of equipment for Perseid and provides transport by minibus to both schools.


The head teachers of both schools and their staff are strong believers in the benefits of our work together and invite us to provide pupil volunteers every year.    

Pupil Involvement

Perseid and Cricket Green pupils are aged between 3-19 and King's pupils are 16-18.

There is a minority of pupils from King's (24), who come into contact with a much greater range of Perseid and Cricket Green pupils.


Both activities takes place on a weekly basis, lasting 90 minutes. Pupils at both schools are also involved in our annual community production.