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Impact of partnership work done in 2019 (ISC annual Census 2020)

  • 33 state schools involved
  • 500+ state school pupils involved
  • 3000 staff hours given

*Please note, data shown here is from the 2020 Census for partnerships in 2019, rather than from the 2021 Census. This is due to the impact of COVID-19 on full year collection for 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools to put some partnership projects on hold until restrictions are eased.

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  • King's College London Mathematics School

Impact Statement

The many partnership activities in which King's pupils and staff engage throughout the year have a huge impact on the education of state school pupils in South West London. During the academic year King’s actively engages with almost 2000 state school pupils, including over 1000 on a weekly basis.

Partnership production
Pupils from three local secondary schools, two special schools and one primary school as well as King's pupils perform a specially adapted play annually in the King's theatre. In recent years, productions have included, Macbeth, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Man who planted trees. This gives all involved a tremendous opportunity to work with pupils from a wide range of backgrounds in preparing for the performance. Original music is composed for the performance and a choir made up of pupils from three secondary schools, led by a King's teacher sing between the scenes. King's pupils and staff design the set whilst pupils from a local primary school help to make the props, overseen by a King's teacher. The whole evening is overseen by a Director from King's, and gives all involved the opportunity of working as part of a vast cast of almost 200 people in preparation for the show.

GCSE reinforcement sessions
Pupils from 8 local state schools attend 8 sessions in French, Spanish, German, Maths, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography during the spring term in order to help prepare them for their forthcoming GCSE examinations. These sessions are led by King's teachers. One partner school saw its percentage of 9-8 grades, for the subjects and pupils who attended the extra classes at King's, rise from 37.5% to 75% between Year 11 mocks and the final GCSE examinations.

Open Doors Project
150 pupils from three local primary schools attend a week of sessions focusing on sport (using King's playing fields, equipment and the swimming pool), art, movement, music and drama in preparation for a show in the King's theatre and a sports tournament. The parents of the children are invited to attend. These sessions are led by a team of student leaders from King's in addition to two local secondary schools and King's staff. The primary pupils involved gain a huge amount from taking part in the activities, this includes increased levels of confidence and the acquisition of new skills. Feedback about the project has been overwhelmingly positive and the impact is tangible at the end of the week - 

This project has given our pupils the opportunity to demonstrate and develop a host of skills…whilst also learning about sportsmanship, good communication and team work – teacher from Southmead Primary School

The children who are shy and sometimes withdrawn have really shone and shown talents we have never seen – teaching assistant from St Mark’s Primary School

Friday afternoon blues

60 pupils from Holy Trinity Primary School collaborate annually with a Jazz Combo from King's to work on Jazz performance. This culminates in a concert in the King's Concert Hall to which parents are invited. The project has enabled the primary school pupils to consolidate their musical skills on instruments that they are already learning, such as the trombone, in addition to introducing some to Jazz music, and specifically improvisation, for the first time.

Senior Aspirations Programme
210 pupils from 7 local secondary schools who would be first generation university scholars and who are in receipt of pupil premium take part in this programme annually. This gives the children opportunities to learn from a variety of extra-curricular opportunities, including two theatre trips each preceded by focused workshops, a debating workshop, a visit to the Houses of Parliament, a creative writing workshop, two university visits, a science lecture, an art of learning workshop, a day of subject-specific lessons taken by King's staff and culminating in a session to help prepare the pupils in their university applications. Many pupils say that, as a result of taking part in the course they would now consider going to university when they had not thought about this in the past.  

Primary School partnerships
Pupils visit Sacred Heart Primary School on a weekly basis to teach Spanish. The school has greatly appreciated this support to their Spanish tuition and pupils have made excellent progress.
Weekly learning support sessions are held at Christ Church, St Mark's, Albemarle, The Priory and Poplar primary schools. During these sessions English, Maths and reading classes are taught and all primary school pupils have reported that their confidence levels have increased in these subjects. Primary school teachers have also confirmed that ability levels have increased as a result of the classes.
Weekly games sessions are held for pupils at Hollymount and Bond primary schools. These sessions give the pupils the opportunity to take part regularly in physical activity which they otherwise would not have.
Ronald Ross primary school uses the all weather pitches at King's on a weekly basis for games sessions led by 16 King's pupils and one member of staff. The pupils look upon the King's facilities as their own, since they do not have space for pitches at their school. These sessions give these children the opportunity to have a weekly physical activity which they otherwise would not have access to. The pupils make excellent progress during the sessions which focus on netball and football.
King's pupils travel to Green Lane primary school weekly to lead football and cricket coaching sessions. Many of the primary school pupils have never played cricket before and, therefore, not only does it give the pupils an opportunity to take part in a weekly games session but also to learn a new sport.

Pupils from Ronald Ross also attend tennis coaching sessions on a weekly basis, helping them to develop their sports skills further, and giving them access to tennis court facilities. 

Year 6 pupils from Hollymount primary school attend weekly Latin lessons at King's led by a team of 8 pupils. They have the opportunity to study a subject which would otherwise not be a part of their curriculum and have made excellent progress studying in small groups with King's pupils.
The Book Club at Merton Abbey Primary School involves King's pupils encouraging the primary school pupils to read more, also allowing the children to discuss their thoughts about the books. This encourages a greater engagement with literacy. As a result of the club, 84% of the book clubbers stated that they now enjoy reading more and 75% of the book club leaders stated that they had learnt to be more inclusive in their outlook. 
Weekly science displays are given for pupils from a wide range of local primary schools. King's pupils devise the experiments which are then presented in the school's display laboratory. These interactive sessions encourage the primary pupils to engage more with science and extend their knowledge of the subject.
Junior Aspirations is a programme for year 5 pupils from St Mark's, Abbotsbury, Ronald Ross, Southmead and Cranmer primary schools. The pupils attend weekly sessions in English, Maths and Science in order to prepare them for entrance examinations to selective senior schools. The sessions lead to an increase in confidence and ability levels and also allow the year 5 pupils to work with a wider variety of children their own age.
The year 5 pupils from Albemarle school attend weekly Maths and squash sessions led by King's students at the local Wimbledon Club. These lessons allow the younger pupils to learn a new sport and increase their mathematical abilities.

In the vein of Disney & Pixar think tanks, the Imagineering project inspires and develops the confidence and imaginative creativity of children from Knollmead Primary School through immersive storytelling in word and image. Fortnightly, Year 5 pupils are mentored and supported to develop their talents in memory, storytelling, drawing, and writing by pupils from King's and Ursuline High School. On alternate weeks, the student leaders learn from experts in these areas and are given time and space to design the sessions collaboratively, as well as helping to shape the project’s direction and development.

Special Schools
Weekly learning support sessions take place at Cricket Green School, which is a school for pupils with complex and varied special needs. The sessions help the children to build their confidence levels and also improve academic ability.
Children with severe and complex learning difficulties at Perseid School are helped with swimming and art. As a result of the weekly sessions, the pupils have improve their ability to empathise with others, grow in confidence and learn new skills.

Secondary Schools
Pupils visit Coombe Boys' School weekly to lead Maths support sessions for GCSE and Key Stage Three students. The pupils have grown in confidence greatly as a result and have improved their understanding of the subject thanks to the extra coaching sessions. Students at Coombe Boys' School also take part in The Student View. Year 8 pupils who are struggling with literacy are selected to be coached in journalism by sixth formers from their own school and King's. This has been tremendously successful in improving reading ages amongst the younger pupils and encouraging the older pupils in developing leadership skills. 
Grey Court pupils benefit from weekly Maths and Rugby coaching sessions. The pupils have improved tremendously in both skill areas as a result of the weekly sessions. A Philosophy and Economics class is run by Grey Court and King's sixth formers for Year 8 pupils from Grey Court. This has enabled the sixth formers to develop their interest in these two subjects in preparation for university study, and expanded the curriculumn provision greatly for the younger pupils. 
Pupils from Coombe Girls school visit King's each week to take part in Latin lessons. These sessions are led by pupils and teachers from King's to supplement the lessons which take place as part of the curriculum at Coombe.
Wimbledon Harris Academy students take part in weekly Latin lessons taken by King's pupils. Football coaching is undertaken at Harris Academy on a weekly basis by King's pupils. As a result, the younger students have been able to develop their skills further. 
Learning support is given to students at Raynes Park High School on a weekly basis by King's staff and pupils.
Year 8 pupils from three local secondary schools attend sessions in science on a weekly basis which extend their learning beyond the national curriculum. These sessions are delivered and devised by King's teachers and pupils.
Chinese lessons are given weekly to pupils from one local state school by pupils and staff from King's.
EAL lessons are given to students at St Mark's Academy. These lessons are invaluable in helping the pupils with their learning.  There is also a student newspaper run by King's pupils and St Mark's Academy sixth formers for Year 8 pupils. 

Three members of the King's teaching staff are governors at local state secondary schools. A number of staff are governors at local state primary schools.

King's College London Maths School
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