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Minimus with Hollymount Primary School

The Classics department at King’s delivers a 'Minimus' Latin course to Year 6 pupils at a local primary school. The classes take place every Friday and are taught by Year 11 students and above studying Latin at King’s. Their work culminates in the production of a short film in Latin based on a core Roman myth every year. The film has won a prize on several occasions.


To extend the range of subjects on offer at Hollymount primary school. To give pupils who wouldn't otherwise have access to it the experience of learning the Latin language. To give our sixth-formers and younger pupils the opportunity to share their knowledge of a subject they love. To give teachers in the Classics department the opportunity to work with pupils in maintained schools.

Critical factors: Trust, mutual respect, clear communication, designated staff in charge of the project at both schools, termly reviews of the programme. Beneficiaries: staff and pupils.


King’s pupils were already teaching reading and arithmetic at several primary schools and mentoring in Maths and English at two of the secondary schools in the Wimbledon ISSP in 2007. Discussions with the former Headteacher of Coombe Girls’ School, Carol Campbell, and the Headteacher of Hollymount primary school, Philippa Jackson, led to the conclusion that Latin would enhance the curriculum of the two schools and provide a wonderful opportunity for King’s pupils on Friday afternoons. The idea of providing funding for the teaching of the GCSE short course came out of discussions with the Headteacher of Coombe Girls’ School, Deborah Walls, and the approach to parents was made by the King’s development department.


The support of the King's Classics department. Timetabled time on Friday afternoons. The projects are costly in terms of invisible expenditure (mainly salaries) but the only visible financial contributions are a budget for books and catering as Hollymount primary is within walking distance. The project takes places at King's.


The Hollymount Latin course is extremely popular with the primary school, which brings its pupils to us every year, and the film has often won a prize. The majority of King's students involved in the project indicate that it has helped develop their communication and leadership skills.

Pupil Involvement

Year 11 students and above from King's teach a class of Year 6 students from Hollymount.


Friday afternoons, weekly.