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Harris Wimbledon Academy

A team of sixth-formers teaches an introductory Latin course to Year 7 pupils from Wimbledon Harris Academy. We work from Cambridge Latin Course Book 1, which revolves around a family living in Pompeii shortly before the eruption of Vesuvius in AD79. Sessions, which are held on site at King’s, involve short presentations using an exciting E-learning resource, followed by work in small groups.


To support the learning of Latin at Wimbledon Harris Academy. 

To give our sixth-formers and younger pupils the opportunity to share their knowledge of a subject they love.

To give teachers in the Classics department the opportunity to work with pupils in maintained schools and to teach Classical Civilisation, which is not on our curriculum.

Critical factors: Trust, mutual respect, clear communication, designated staff in charge of the project at both schools, termly reviews of the programme. Beneficiaries: staff and pupils.


The support of the Head of Classics and one teacher in his department. Timetabled time on Friday afternoons. The projects are costly in terms of invisible expenditure (mainly salaries). 


King's pupils reported that their confidence in Latin and communication skills improved greatly as a result of taking part in this project. 

Pupil Involvement

A team of year 11 students teach a class of year 7 pupils.