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Year 9 Research Essay Competition

An essay competition aimed at inspiring youngsters across Cambridgeshire to help develop their intellectual curiosity has been launched by The Perse.

The Perse Research Essay competition is open to Year 9 pupils across the county with a wide range of titles across a variety of subject areas, ready to be answered.

The competition is divided into two categories – arts/humanities and sciences – and there are prizes available for winners and runners-up in each section. The winner of each category will receive a prize of £30. Additionally, there will also be two ‘highly commended’ prizes in each section worth £10 each.


This competition has been set up to promote independent study skills in Year 9 pupils while simultaneously providing an avenue to explore super-curricular interests in the arts, humanities and sciences. This competition is split into two categories (arts/humanities and sciences). Prizes are awarded to winners in each half of the competition.

Rules and titles 2021


A group of Lower Sixth Students identified this as a potential opportunity for the school to offer and have created the competition under the guidance of the Head of Research at The Perse School.


Financial prizes are awarded to winning entries. 

Staff and students assess the essays and decide upon winning entries.

Pupil Involvement

Upper Sixth students at The Perse help to promote and co-ordinate this competition that is open to any Year 9 pupil in Cambridgeshire.