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Long Road Sixth Form College - UCAS

The Perse and Long Road are working together to support Long Road students applying to Oxford and Cambridge. Perse and Long Road staff are developing a mentoring scheme whereby Old Perseans who are undergraduates at the University of Cambridge can mentor Long Road sixth formers.

This has been running since 2018.


Supporting Long Road sixth formers in Oxbridge applications, and giving Old Perseans the opportunity to work 1:1 on a mentoring project. In addition, staff at The Perse offer interview practice for students at Long Road who are called to interview at Oxbridge, Russell Group and other leading universities.


The Principal of Long Road approached the Head of the Perse.


Teaching staff volunteer time to host interviews in a range of subjects as best fits the needs of university applicants from Long Road.


Ongoing - the programme is looking to develop into offering sessions on application to Russel Group and other leading universities.