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Year 5 Summer Project Week - Ecology

An ecology themed week was run for Year 5 classes at The Galfrid School. Two Perse teachers (a geographer and a biologist) were supported by two former pupils if the school in the delivery of a programme of activities themes around the natural environment and ecosystems.


"Ash class would like to thank you for teaching us knowledge about our earth. We particularly loved the bug hotels, the pitfall traps and learning about bees, so we appreciate your input.

We learned how to make a bottled world, creating a pitfall trap, investigating land population, investigating water invertebrates, how to make a bug hotel and so much more which made Ash class really interested.

We would love to keep saving the planet, stop climate change and make our planet healthier."

Pupil in Ash Class - The Galfrid School

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 primary age


The project was a week of term-time lessons.

It was run as a pilot in July 2021.