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The Perse Coding Team Challenge

The Perse School runs The Perse Coding Team Challenge (; this is an annual competition, available and free to all schools (for years 7-11) to stretch and challenge students in their coding and computer science. 

Almost 200 schools are currently registered with approximately 3000 students taking part. Participating schools come from all sectors: teachers invigilate the online challenge at their own school with a certificate system alongside prize money for the top three teams each year.

The names and school of the winning team will be inscribed on the physical Braben Cup, which will remain at The Perse School.


Promote engagement with Coding and Computer Science more widely.

The competition is one of the founding competitions for United Kingdom Computational Thinking Challenges (UKCT Challenges), an umbrella organisation committed to promoting UK computational thinking progression through our progression pathway of successive competitions.


The competition is supported by Dr David Braben OBE FREng who provides the trophy cup and annual prize money.

David is a British game developer, game designer, founder and CEO of Frontier Developments plc, co-creator of the Elite series, space trading computer games, first published in 1984. He is also a co-founder of and works as a trustee for the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


Staff at The Perse School devise the questions and administer the competition.


Some schools have already received positive comments from Ofsted inspectors as a result of their participation and the competition is actively promoted through UK computer science educational channels.

In excess of 700 students each year are entering the competition from maintained-sector schools, gaining extension opportunities to develop their coding skills and compete with peers from across the country and the globe.

Pupil Involvement

Open to pupils in years 7-11 from all UK secondary schools across all sectors.